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1. Definitions
The Rental Agreement is composed for the rental of bicycles and/or equipment from Amsterdam Bike Rent and Partners (Lessor) to individuals or commercial enterprises (Lessee).

2. Rental agreement
The Lessee will receive the bicycle and/or equipment in good condition and is responsible for returning the bicycle and/or equipment in the same condition. Therefore, the Lessee is liable for damages to the bicycle and/or equipment and is liable for both the repair cost and parts. Lessee is responsible for the bicycle and/or equipment until the moment of return.
- Deposit The Lessee must provide the Lessor (1) a photocopy of a valid ID card or Passport and a credit card or (2) a photocopy of valid ID card or Passport and a deposit. Personal information will be processed by Lessor in accordance with the Dutch Data Privacy Act. The Lessor may require a deposit up to € 100,- for a city bike and € 250,- for an e-bike/cargo bike/tandem. The Lessee may fulfill the deposit by credit card or cash. The Lessor will return the Lessee the deposit upon return of the bicycles. If the bicycle is damaged, stolen or lost, the Lessor will deduct an amount from the deposit (see Damages, Lost & Theft).
- Rental Period The Lessee is responsible for the bicycle and/or equipment during the rental period, from signing the agreement until return of the bicycle and/or equipment. Lessee has to return the bicycle and/or equipment before the agreed moment of return. Bicycles and/or equipment returned after the agreed renting period will be charged with a minimum of the price for 3 hours. Early returns will not be refundable.

3. Liability
Lessor is not liable for any damages or injury due to the malfunction of bicycle and/or equipment. Lessee is fully responsible for taking good care of the bicycle and equipment until the moment of return.

4. Bicycle (and equipment) use
The bicycle and/or equipment may only be used in a normal and appropriate manner by the persons mentioned in the rental agreement. Lessee is obligated to take all necessary steps and precautions to prevent the bicycle and/or equipment against loss and from being damaged or stolen. The regular bicycles may only be used by one person at the time, with the exception of an infant who has to be seated in a child seat.

5. Damages, Loss & Theft
Before signing the rental agreement the Lessee is offered a bicycle insurance which will cover:
- Theft, only when the Lessee can present both keys and report the theft to the local police
- Damage, only when the bicycle has been used in a proper way
- Loss, in case of theft/loss of the bicycle the Lessee always has to call the ‘Bike Depot’ +31 (0)20-3344522. If the Bicycle is there the Lessee can retrieve the bicycle for a fee. The insurance will only cover the price of the bicycle(s). There will always be a deductible of €100,- for a regular bicycle and €250,- for a tandem/electric/cargo bicycle. Insurance does not cover personal damage or injury. If Lessee takes no insurance, Lessee will be fully responsible for damage to the bicycle and theft or loss. Lessor will charge € 500,- (excl. handling costs). A bike that has been verified to be at the Bike Depot, the Lessor will charge € 50,-. Lost keys/chain locks are never insured and will be charged € 35,-

6. Reservation Cancellation
Reservations can only be refunded in case the reservation is cancelled up until 48 hours before the pick-up time of the reserved bikes.

7. Conformation of acceptance
By renting a bicycle and/or equipment from Amsterdam Bike Rent you are acknowledging that you have read our terms and conditions and agree to bound by them.

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